• Wear Now, Wear Later: The Cami

    It’s hazy, hot and humid New York—and we want the livin’ to be as easy as possible. That’s one reason we’re so thrilled with our Style Team’s latest “Wear Now, Wear Later” looks. We can slip on these easy, breezy pieces right now without breaking a sweat AND fit them just as easily into our lineup when the temperature drops in fall.

    Exhibit A: The Striped Chiffon Cami.  For summer, just toss on a white cardi and navy shorts and you’re set. Come fall, pair it with a roll-crop pant and a tailored jacket. One top. Two seasons. Very little effort. Just how we like it when it’s too darn hot.

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    12:18 pm, 7/13/2013


  • On The Map

    Admiring our stunning new Graphic Design collection got us thinking about one of New York City’s most recognizable graphics: the subway map. Of course, we see it every day, as do the 5 million people who ride the subway daily, but the map achieved icon status back in 1972 thanks in large part to visionary graphic designer, Massimo Vignelli. Met with some criticism—Vignelli opted for visual appeal and readability over geographic accuracy—the map was reimagined a few years later by another design firm.  But Vignelli’s design wouldn’t fade away—it appeared in countless museum exhibits and books. Then in 2010, Vignelli’s clean, colorful aesthetic enjoyed a comeback when he was asked to adapt his map for the MTA’s site and mobile app. It’s been our go-to for getting around ever since. Now we’re just waiting for the 2nd Avenue Subway line to be added (fingers crossed.)

    Thanks, Massimo, for making the city even more colorful. 


    Photo from NYCSubway.org

    12:05 pm, 6/7/2013


  • Graphic Design

    There’s a lot you can say about New Yorkers. We’re outspoken, always on the move, and never shy away from the spotlight. Maybe that’s why the latest collection for summer feels so right up our alley. The bold, high-impact prints, the stark contrast of jet black and optic white, the bursts of lemony yellow. Don’t even get us started on the daring pattern mashups. The stripe-and-floral print will see some heavy rotation—ditto the stripe-on-stripe. Take our word for it: this collection will be heating things up all summer and beyond.

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    4:19 pm, 6/5/2013


  • Going somewhere? Totes!

    A few straight days of 75 and sunny and suddenly every New Yorker is out and about. Heading to the beach, Central Park, the Brooklyn Promenade—anywhere and everywhere we can be in the great outdoors. Leave it to our amazing design team to create the best accessory for these sun-soaked sojourns: our Canvas Striped Beach Tote. It’s the perfect size for all our summer goods—sunnies, flip flops, a sundress or two, some shorts & tees. There’s even an inner zip pocket for your cell, keys, and a nail polish for those on-the-spot manis. Plus, the bright stripes make us feel like we’re going somewhere fun even on days we’re not. So whether you’re headed to the beach or hitting up the Highline, grab one and get going!

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    9:52 am, 5/28/2013



    Oh summer, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love breezy tops, skinny crops, sunnies and flip flops, sun-soaked days and weekends away. Wherever you’re hightailing it to this season—there’s one thing no warm-weather wardrobe should be without: Color. With a capital C. From marine blues to citrusy limes, tropical corals to lemony yellows, the shades of summer are making quite a splash—especially when paired with our other summer love: crisp white. Here’s to an amazing summer…in every color under the sun.

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    12:39 pm, 5/23/2013


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